12 Great Reasons to Visit The Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum

12 Great Reasons to Visit The Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum

The Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum is a must-see stop in Worcester County, especially if you’re bringing the kids or grand babies! We’ve compiled a list of 11 highlights, which is just the tip of the iceberg, to inspire you to drop by Pocomoke’s museum!

1.Scorchy. You won’t want to stop watching this lively little diamondback terrapin (or her tank-mate Franklin).

Local History
2. Local history. Explore local events and the industries that shaped Delmarva and read about some landmarks and historic relics that still remain today.

Bird carvings
3. Bird carvings. You’ll be left in awe by the carving details of late World Champion Carver, Ernie Muehlmatt. It’s an amazing collection for birders and art enthusiasts alike.

Interactive Exhibits
4. Interactive Exhibits. The Discovery Center & Museum is a dynamic learning environment — where history and science comes to life. It even has a Touch Tank, where you can examine live whelks and horseshoe crabs!

5. Sarah. Sarah, the snapping turtle, is quite the character.

Mac & Tuck.
6. Mac & Tuck. The Walley Gordon River Otter Exhibit is possibly the most popular exhibit at the Discovery Center. Don’t miss Mac & Tuck’s daily feeding and enrichment time!

7. Industry. Get a first hand look into life at the wharf and learn about other historic businesses of Delmarva, like Clarke’s Pharmacy.

Grey Tree Frog
8. Quite Possibly The Most Joy-Inducing Gray Tree Frog. Just look at that cute little face.

Beaver Lodge
9. Beaver Lodge. At the Discovery Center you can even crawl inside of a real, reconstructed, beaver lodge!

10. Snakes. Say hello to Bernard, Cornelius and Hoggy! If you’re too scared of snakes, at least check out some snake skins.

Native American Culture
11. Native American Culture. Learn about local Native American culture and even get a chance to crawl inside of a wigwam.

Gift Shop
12. The Gift Shop.
Open to the public, the gift shop is a great place to explore – even when not visiting the museum.

The Delmarva Discovery Center is open seven days a week, year-round, with the exception of some holidays. Visit delmarvadiscovercenter.org for more information.

By Mark Huey, Social Media Coordinator for Worcester County Tourism